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22 April 2018
National Day of Action 2018

The beginning of April, I was able to make the journey to our nation’s great capital of Washington D.C. to meet with a group of attorneys, as a part of

08 March 2018
What is TPS and How Are Families Affected?

TPS has recently made news since our current President has taken office.  Promises to crackdown on “illegal” immigration have thrown many families into a panic. Making them uncertain of what

15 February 2018
The Potential Impact of Changes to the TPS Benefit for Immigrants

What does TPS Mean for Immigrants? TPS has recently made news, since our current President has taken office.  Promises to crackdown on “illegal” immigration has thrown many families into panic.

20 April 2017
Attorney Giovanni Diaz Speaks Up In Washington, DC

On April 6, 2017, Attorney Giovanni Diaz from Diaz & Gaeta, joined a group of attorneys and traveled to Washington, D.C. This group of attorneys was organized by the American

18 April 2017
Attorneys Commit to Helping Undocumented Students

Both founders of Diaz & Gaeta Law are children of immigrant parents. Attorney Zach Gaeta and Giovanni Diaz were born in the U.S and were able to study here in the

04 March 2017
Attorney Explains The Difference Between Obama and Trump

Attorney Giovanni Diaz explains the difference between the reforms of former President Obama and our current president Trump. Although they are similar, there are some key differences. [embedyt][/embedyt] More

04 March 2017
Protect Yourself Against Accusations of Serious Crimes

Lawyer Zacharias Gaeta from the firm Diaz & Gaeta, explains the importance of proceeding carefully in case you are ever arrested and charged with a serious crime. [embedyt][/embedyt] More information

04 March 2017
What Happens If Immigration Detains You

What can you expect if you are stopped by an immigration officer? Attorney Giovanni Diaz talks about what can happen and the decisions you should make. "If an officer stops

04 March 2017
How to Reduce the Risk of Driving Without a License

Attorney Giovanni Diaz understands that sometimes it is necessary to take the risk of driving without a license. If you can not avoid it, take precautions to reduce the risks


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