Find Out if You Qualify For a Driver’s License in Georgia

[embedyt][/embedyt] Find out if you qualify for a driver's license in Georgia thanks to some changes in the laws in 2016. "For a long time, the state of Georgia was denying driver's licenses to people who were under certain categories. Included in this plan were people who had pending applications for cancellation of deportation and people who had pending residence applications for any reason. Many believe that there are political reasons why the state of Georgia denied the driver's license to these groups of people or to these categories of people. As of last week, they are already giving these groups of people driver's licenses. These two categories are C8 and C10. If you have a work permit that has the...

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What Can You Do If You Are Accused Of a DUI?

[embedyt][/embedyt] Attorney Zachary Gaeta talks about the best options you have if you are accused of a DUI. "My name is Zacharias Gaeta, I am one of the lawyers of Diaz & Gaeta. I would like to give you some advice if you have been stopped by a DUI. Very important is first, if they stop you and you do not have a license, tell the officer and if the officer starts asking you questions, it is important to know that you do not have to speak and you do not have to say things that could affect you or that could harm you later. If you have been arrested, call the office at 678.503.2780 " Connect with Diaz...

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