Attorney Giovanni Diaz Speaks Up In Washington, DC

On April 6, 2017, Attorney Giovanni Diaz from Diaz & Gaeta, joined a group of attorneys and traveled to Washington, D.C. This group of attorneys was organized by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). With efforts from this group, the attorneys met at the Nation's capital in Washington D.C for a "Day of Action". This meeting was created to urge Senators and Congressmen from Georgia to challenge the inhumane and un-American approach the current administration is taking on immigration and immigration enforcement.   In these challenging times, it is important to engage with elected officials, said Attorney Diaz In result, the 2017 “Day of Action” saw a historic level of engagement! Unexpectedly to many, more than 500 immigration attorneys from all over...

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Attorneys Commit to Helping Undocumented Students

Both founders of Diaz & Gaeta Law are children of immigrant parents. Attorney Zach Gaeta and Giovanni Diaz were born in the U.S and were able to study here in the U.S thanks to scholarships and federal aid programs. While they had no problems applying for student aid, they have watched friends, family and now many clients get denied financial aid because of their undocumented status. After decades of witnessing the challenges faced by undocumented students, the attorneys have decided to take action. The firm is currently developing a scholarship fund to provide financial aid to college-bound students who are eligible for college but may not be for federal financial aid. In addition, they are planning to raise awareness about the challenges that undocumented...

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