5 Dangerous Actions Behind the Wheel No One Will Tell You

As time goes by, we adopt bad practices behind the wheel. Distractions or small actions, no matter how common they may be, can mark the future of a car accident in Georgia. Who has driven with headphones in their ears while talking on the phone or listening to music? Were you ever in such a hurry that you had to have a quick meal while driving? Did you feel exhausted but still drove home?

We all know that different attitudes, habits, and absentmindedness can be really dangerous and expensive. How we drive affects us, but it also affects all the people and families who surround us on the road. Unconsciously, while we are driving, we do things that can cause a car accident in a matter of seconds.

As a recognized Georgia auto accident attorney and expert, I have fought against insurance companies and on behalf of our clients’ rights to obtain the compensation they truly deserve. We know that a lot of the time, people feel unprotected and are accused of unjust laws.


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Zacharias Gaeta


As an expert injury lawyer, I am familiar with car accidents. I will share some dangerous actions you should avoid while behind the wheel to prevent a serious car accident that affects you and your family’s future. 


Dangerous Actions Behind The Wheel

While it is well known that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is illegal and dangerous, it is not the only hazardous offense that can be committed behind the wheel. Other innocent, unconscious actions can put you in danger without you realizing it. Which of these dangerous actions do you do while driving?


Driving With Headphones

While it can be the fastest way to answer calls or listen to your favorite songs on your journey, this action is hazardous. Your senses must be alert to all the signs that happen on the street—wearing headphones while driving intensifies sensory deprivation and cognitive distraction. That is, it reduces your attention towards everything happening in the environment around you. In long displacements, they call the “bubble effect,” or evasion of the environment and excessive relaxation, which can cause a severe car accident with several injuries.

This action is widespread, and you may not even realize you are putting your life in danger or the lives of other drivers who travel around you. If you want to listen to music, use your car radio and speakers. Maintain an appropriate volume that allows you to hear everything that is going on around you.


Driving While Tired

Did you know that driving while you’re tired has the same effect as a person driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs? It is widespread to hear statistics of car accidents due to driving under the influence of alcohol, but we never hear about car accidents due to driving while tired. At the Diaz & Gaeta Law Firm, we estimate that about 20% of car accidents in Georgia can be attributed to driver fatigue. Although the police do not have a device to measure the level of fatigue, a recent study has shown that this action is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. A tired person cannot react and make quick decisions.

Lack of rest or driving while sleepy can cause the following effects:

  • Lowered reaction time.
  • Loss of vision, especially if you drive for a long time at night.
  • Reduction of attention to signals and actions of other cars.
  • Increase in aggressive driving.

Be wise! If you have had a long workday, or have not been able to sleep adequately, avoid driving. There are many ways to get home safely.


Driving With Your Knees or Letting Go of the Wheel

On long journeys where the roads are straight, we are unconsciously confident that we can drive with our knees, take our hands off the wheel, and eat or drink. This action is quite dangerous because if someone gets into the lane you are traveling in, they will not have enough time to react and brake to maintain a safe distance.


Not Following at a Safe Distance

When you drive, you must maintain a minimum distance of one to two more cars between your car and the person ahead of you. When the driver in front of you brakes hard, you need to have plenty of time not to rear-end them. This common accident will always blame the driver in the back, and the police will issue a fine for the car accident.


Eating And Drinking Behind The Wheel

Sometimes people who have long working hours and do not have time to rest will decide to eat or drink while driving. The time you use to unwrap a food or take a sip of your drink diverts your attention from the road and reduces your ability to take quick actions, should they be required.


Stop at a safe place, eat calmly, and then get back on the road to avoid a car accident.

This is the advice of attorney Zacharias Gaeta. At the Diaz & Gaeta Law Firm, we handle immigration, car accident, and personal injury cases. If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call! Your first consultation is free, and we can discuss your case, speak to the officer to change the story, and obtain compensation if you were injured.