Find Out if You Qualify For a Driver’s License in Georgia

Find out if you qualify for a driver’s license in Georgia thanks to some changes in the laws in 2016.

“For a long time, the state of Georgia was denying driver’s licenses to people who were under certain categories.

Included in this plan were people who had pending applications for cancellation of deportation and people who had pending residence applications for any reason. Many believe that there are political reasons why the state of Georgia denied the driver’s license to these groups of people or to these categories of people. As of last week, they are already giving these groups of people driver’s licenses. These two categories are C8 and C10. If you have a work permit that has the category C8 or C10 the only thing that you should be asked for now, is the work permit. The receipt of the application that you sent to immigration and another type of identification, passport, birth certificate, or others, this is now the only thing you need. If they ask you for something else you should talk to a lawyer. You can call us at 678.503.2780. If you are being denied the license from someone who should give you the license that can cause them a lot of problems and a lawyer can help you.”

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