Did you have a car accident in Georgia? Follow these tips to emerge victorious

Bad luck can knock on our door or worse still hit us on the road. People who are involved in a car accident should know what to do, during and after a car accident. By not knowing what to do, you could end up facing the financial burden of medical bills, if injuries arise from that accident. Also, if you are involved in a car accident and do not make the right decisions, you could possibly end up paying for the damages your vehicle suffers even if you are not guilty of the car accident.

Georgia is considered one of the most dangerous states when it comes to driving you could end up involved in a car accident.


Car accidents in Georgia

If you live in Georgia you should know that this simple fact increases the chances of being involved in a car accident and that the statistics do not lie, in 2015 the highest number of crashes was registered. According to Georgia’s highway office, the number of crashes in 2015 increased to 385,221 from 306,342 in 2008. With this increase, 19,405 people were seriously injured.

Given this high accident rate, the insurers of the guilty drivers will not want to pay the victims and if they do they will do everything possible to pay the least amount possible, that is, they will pay very little, both for the damages to their car, as for the medical expenses of their injuries. This reality, which is not favorable, leaves victims of accidents in a vulnerable position. If you do not take the necessary precautions, in addition to the headaches that in themselves bring accidents, your pocket will also suffer from the irresponsible act or negligence of the guilty driver.

After an accident immediately call a lawyer who is recognized for his ability to win automobile accident cases in Georgia.


Georgia is considered one of the most dangerous states when it comes to driving, you could be involved in an auto accident. In 2013 he got the seventh position as one of the most dangerous states to drive. In particular, the I-285 highway that goes around the city of Atlanta, was cataloged the most dangerous highway among all the roads of the country that same year.

What to do during the accident?

  • Keep calm, especially if you are not guilty of the accident.
  • Stay in a safe place where you will not get hit by the vehicles that are still traveling on the road.
  • Call the police to make a report of what happened.
  • If you are injured get checked by paramedics.
  • If you can mobilize, do not leave the scene of the car accident without first taking photographs that will be used to deliver them to a trusted lawyer to take your case.
  • Be sure to photograph your injuries so that you also deliver these tests not only to your doctor, but to your lawyer.
  • Immediately call a lawyer who is recognized for his ability to win automobile accident cases in Georgia.
  • Do not respond to any call from the driver’s insurer guilty without first speaking with your lawyer.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of the witnesses of the accident.


Do not pity yourself, take action!

Many people feel sorry for the driver guilty of the accident and do not take action, but this is a big mistake. Did you know that the most common causes of automobile accidents in Georgia are distracted drivers, speeding and drivers who drive after having ingested alcohol. Therefore, your responsibility after an accident is to call the police and obtain all the necessary evidence to protect your vehicle and your health if you are injured.

Hire a trusted lawyer

After being treated by a good doctor, the most important thing is that you hire a lawyer to defend your rights and help you get fair compensation for the car accident. However, it is crucial that you hire a lawyer who knows the laws of Georgia, since in each state the laws vary.

Fair compensation

If you suffer an accident and you are not guilty, you understand that you deserve fair compensation for the economic damages. These damages are quantifiable losses product of your injuries include medical expenses, loss of salary in the present and future, loss of property (for example, your car) among other losses.

On the other hand, there are non-economic losses. These damages have to be evaluated with the help of an accident lawyer as they relate to intangible losses. In addition, there are punitive damages, in the state of Georgia. Certain accidents qualify the plaintiff to seek punitive damages. This damage can be requested in very serious cases of negligence or liability especially if the negligent acts have resulted in physical disability or death.

In any case, the Diaz and Gaeta lawyers located in Atlanta, Georgia can help you understand what your rights are and with a record of hundreds of cases won, they will guide you step by step so that you finally get the just compensation you deserve. Get a free consultation by calling 678-329-9069.

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