Do you qualify for a U Visa?

Each year, the United States government issues approximately 10,000 U Visas to immigrants so they can feel protected and remain legally in the country. If you were a direct victim of a crime, your testimony is the most valid reason to apply for this type of visa because you were the person who was the subject of the crime or criminal activity.

The U Visa is aimed at people who have been victims of a specific crime. However, faster issuance can be generated as long as they allow the authorities to collaborate to investigate the incident.

An undocumented person who has been the victim of physical or mental abuse in the United States can obtain the U Visa and benefit to legalize their immigration status. 

Generally, the process is very delayed. Every year, the number U Visa issuances reaches its limit. As it is not possible to issue more U visas to remain legally in the United States, the authorities deliver a permit, provided they qualify for a U Visa, and the crime victim remains on the waiting list. With the help of an expert lawyer in these types of cases, you can receive the best advice and the process will be faster.

People who qualify for the U Visa must:

  • Be the victim of a qualified crime.
  • The crime must occur and violate the law of the United States.
  • The crime has no temporary prescription.
  • The victim must offer maximum information about the crime and collaborate with the authorities.
  • The victim suffered physical or emotional damage.

What is the true purpose of the U Visa and how can you benefit from it?

In 2000, Congress passed the Law on Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Violence. With this law, the nonimmigrant U visa was created with the purpose, first of all, to encourage immigrants to report crimes to law enforcement and, secondly, to provide protection to those willing to cooperate.

The greatest benefit of the U Visa is to be able to have a legal status for up to four years in which you are allowed to carry out work activities. Also, this visa grants benefits for your family members depending on your age. It also allows you to adjust your status to be eligible as a legal permanent resident after three years.

The process to obtain this type of visa can take over four years.

For all this, if you, someone you know, or a member of your family are victims of a crime in US territory, you need advice from an expert lawyer on immigration issues. Immigration law is constantly changing and the Diaz & Gaeta team of lawyers stayed updated on the new laws and regulations.

Did you know that the U Visa can protect you as a worker?

The exploitation of a worker and the abuse of authority by employers on immigrants in the workplace is an act that can be common in certain jobs throughout the U.S. Occasionally, bargaining agreements, wages and overtime are violated by the employer and Hispanics feel that they cannot report their employer because they fear being fired.

In these cases, workers may be eligible for a nonimmigrant U Visa. This allows legal immigration status and great relief and peace of mind for workers.

Therefore, in this situation, you need to contact an expert immigration lawyer who enforces your rights as a citizen. When there are concerns about unfair dismissals, situations of abuse at work … lawyers Díaz & Gaeta have the experience to help you make the right decisions.

Díaz & Gaeta helps you obtain a U Visa.

At Díaz & Gaeta Law we specialize in immigration and deportation cases because we want to help all families in the Hispanic community achieve their dreams. One of those dreams is to obtain legal status in this country. So far we have successfully helped hundreds of immigrants and we are ready to help you and your loved ones. Call us now at 678.329.9069, tell us your case and we will advise you on your request for Visa U.

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