How to prepare for an expedited deportation?

Immigrants living in the United States may face deportation to their country of origin at any time. So far, the country’s government has used this type of deportation only with convicted criminals and with all those who could not prove more than 14 days in the country.

Expedited deportation is a process in which a foreigner is expelled from the country without giving him the opportunity to defend his case before a judge. The different migration agents that the country has are responsible for deciding and making the expulsion of the migrant effective.

However, due to the laws Trump is trying to pass, immigrants who have been in the country for less than two years must be prepared, as they may be the next affected. For this, it is important that you consult an immigration lawyer such as the Diaz & Gaeta Firm as soon as possible, since these cases generally cause people too much stress and thus have all the necessary documents prepared.


So, what should an immigrant who is in this situation do?

First, the person should contact a lawyer to clarify their situation, know if they may be in danger, know the options that each one has and the defense options they can present, depending on their situation. If you can prove that you have been in the country longer than the expedited deportation requires, then you will have more time and legal resources to defend yourself. The papers that can be defining to document the stay in the country are rent receipts, medical receipts or anyone with the name of the migrant, bank account files, tax evidences, etc.

The government estimates that it could deport more than 350,000 immigrants who entered the country in recent years.

Gather evidence

Get the evidence and evidence to prove your physical presence. With these tests you will avoid an expedited deportation process and be expelled from the country without the right to court.

Save the original documents.

When you are detained, you will not be able to access the documents that prove your presence in the country. It is very important that the evidence is stored in a place where a trusted person can have access. Then you must go to an immigration lawyer such as the firm Díaz & Gaeta and so you can intervene to avoid your expedited deportation.

Contact the law firm Díaz & Gaeta.

With the uncertainty created by Trump’s government policy, it is very important that you have a specialist lawyer with a great reputation in immigration cases. Include your lawyer’s information in the documents stored so that it serves as contact information and always keeps your number.


What changes with this standard?

So far, only migrants who remained no more than 160 km from the border and were less than 15 days could be arrested and deported. The new regulations establish that any person can be immediately deported regardless of where they are and without the need to act as a legal representative or lawyer.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that “this measure serves to improve national security and public safety, as well as reduce government costs, facilitating rapid immigration decisions.” This is due to the large number of cases that exist in the courts and that take too long. That is why the Trump administration is frustrated by the delay and that the detainees eventually get integrated into the communities before their cases are examined.

With this norm the lives of thousands of immigrants and their families begin to feel the noise of uneasiness and the hint of stress from a mass deportation that violates constitutional rights.

However, the final decision is not yet confirmed, but the law firm Díaz & Gaeta suggests starting with the preparations for the evidence so as not to be surprised without time.

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