Daniela Cintron

Languages: English, Spanish

Daniela Cintron was born and raised in Hidalgo, Mexico, and moved to the United States in 1999. With an international scholarship, she was able to obtain a Mass Communications degree at Piedmont University. After spending several years as a journalist and correspondent for media outlets including CNN en Español, Cintron transitioned to marketing and advertising helping brands target minorities in various markets.

In 2016, Cintron joined NBC Universal and worked on marketing strategies for NBC and Telemundo owned-stations in New York City and San Diego before moving back to Atlanta.

Currently enrolled at Harvard University continuing her education as Digital Storyteller, Cintron is passionate about connecting with the community and always bringing value, creating authentic engagement, and maintaining relationships through marketing efforts.

As a strong advocate for diversity and equality, Cintron shares the mission and values of Diaz & Gaeta Law, which brings great meaning to the work she does.