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I hired the services of Diaz and Gaeta to help me with a car accident claim and I cannot be more happy about the decision. They provide a truly professional service and communicate throughout the process with clarity and honesty. They answer all my questions and helped me with in every aspect. I highly recommend their services!
Noe Campos
I am happy to write a review (something I rarely do) but in this case, I’m so glad to recommend Diaz and Gaeta Law and their services they provide. They have helped me in my cases (two times since I knew about them) and the outcome have been satisfactory. They have gained my trust and I will definitely get their services again in any inmigración or legal case.
Paul Duque
I was recommended by a good friend to this law firm. I needed to fix my dad Status in this country. They are amazing they always kept us updated and did everything they could in order for us to get his status fixed. Valeria was excellent her communication and work is admirable.
Nandy Bundy
Attorney Gaeta saved my career! I was faced with potential jail time and probation in my DUI case but thanks to hard work and dedication from attorney Gaeta and paralegal Barbara, my case was resolved with no jail time or probation. Attorney Gaeta was professional, personable and trustworthy. My past mistakes haven't hindered me in progressing in my career and I owe it all to Diaz and Gaeta. You will not find a better team than at Diaz and Gaeta law firm.
Mason Mackrell

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

They handled my very sensitive and challenging case with a level of professionalism and compassion I would expect from only my family. I now consider them a part of such. When you have to go through something requiring an attorney, it’s so nice to know there are people like Zach and Barbara out there to fill such a need.
Sean C
Received two faulty citations by cops for something I didn’t do. Had multiple court dates which Zac attended & got all sorts of information to ensure that this case doesn’t mess up any of my chances to get my alcohol permit. Really glad I went along with him because he took great care of the entire case & got the case dismissed.
Arman Ayaz
Zach was my attorney and he was willing to fight for me no matter how long it took. He had great strategy and took into consideration that my charges would potentially get me deported. He made it where I didn't get deported and provided me with an alternative program that i was able to complete, and then I was let off the hook 6 months early. The paralegal working for these guys, Silvia, she's freaking awesome too. She always responded to my texts and always kept me up to date on any info regarding my case. Never too busy to make me feel like a priority. I cannot thank y'all enough!
Sophie Barrett
Very professional and friendly staff. I have anxiety and they definitely calmed me down and made me feel sure about going to Mexico. Also on top of everything, and explain everything very well. Good people
Anali Hernandez
Have had these lawyers for 5+ years and always been happy with there work so caring and polite when answering and questions and clearing out my doubts and concerns in my past cases they have given me amazing service , protection and I highly recommend them.
Jonathan Ferrer
They were great and got me a nice settlement. Even though things drug out a little due to the pandemic they always stayed in contact to let me know the progress of my case.
Katie Medina