The Potential Impact of Changes to the TPS Benefit for Immigrants

What does TPS Mean for Immigrants? TPS has recently made news, since our current President has taken office.  Promises to crackdown on “illegal” immigration has thrown many families into panic. Many feel uncertain of what the future may hold for them and their loved ones. What is TPS? “Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is granted by the Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Secretary) to eligible foreign born individuals, who are unable to return home safely due to conditions or circumstances preventing their country from adequately handling the return.” Countries that have been a part of this program have been El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Sudan, Honduras, Nepal, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia. However, with current administration changes the future...

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Attorney Giovanni Diaz Gives Information on Humanitarian Visas

[embedyt][/embedyt] If you are a victim of a crime and you fear to defend yourself because you are not in the country legally, you should see this video and what lawyer Giovanni Diaz has to say. "If you are the victim of a crime, do not be afraid to call the police. The police are here to protect you. There are benefits and there is a specific benefit that an undocumented person can achieve if he calls the police and is willing to help the police and the prosecution to work the case. What kind of protection is there? If you are a victim of a crime or a victim of domestic violence, there are humanitarian visas that can...

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