What Can We Expect With The New President Trump

Attorney Diaz comments on the possible impact of the new presidency in immigration cases.

“There are many rumors and many of us do not agree with the results of the elections. The reality is most of what we hear are rumors. What we do know, is that when the new president Trump starts in January he will continue with the same program President Obama started one year ago. Obama began to focus on deporting people who are a priority for deportation. People who have committed certain crimes in this country, people who have been here less than 2 years, and people who are a danger to the community.

If you do not belong to any of these categories for deportation, there is no risk at the moment should you get arrested.

Based on the comments that President Trump said, we just have to know that he will continue with what President Obama was doing. What you should do is behave yourself, consult a lawyer, have faith, and think positive.

There is also a lot of talk about Deferred Action. What will happen to this, which has helped many young people here in the United States?

At the moment we do not know since President Trump said at first that he was going to take it away, but he recently said that he would save it, and reach an agreement or help these young people who came to the United States, not by their own will.

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Attorney Gaeta gives advice for those who want to know about what can happen with the new presidency.

“We still do not know what crimes can be harmful the moment Trump takes the presidency. What you should know is that you have to keep your record clean and handle everything responsibly. In case the police arrest you, we advise you to remain silent since you have that right. Saying things that can harm you makes the job for lawyers more difficult. Consult a lawyer and contact us for the first consultation. It’s free.”

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