Loren Rodrigues Silva

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Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English

Loren Rodrigues Silva grew up in Brazil before moving to Atlanta in 2019. Loren graduated from law school in Brazil in 2018 and achieved an LLM degree from Emory Law School in 2023. Loren worked at the Public Defender’s Office in Brazil in the criminal division. She also volunteered at Emory’s Immigration Clinic and Veteran’s Clinic. Recognized for her exceptional dedication, Loren received the Pro Bono Medal from Emory at graduation and The Betty and Burt Schear Book Prize, an award presented to “the student most likely to make a uniquely positive mark on her or his universe.”


Loren’s philosophy centers on the belief that perfection may be elusive, but excellence can always be achieved through hard work, honesty, and unwavering integrity. She understands the value of open communication with clients as the cornerstone of building strong relationships and delivering satisfactory results. Outside of her legal career, Loren enjoys the art of baking and painting, indulging her creative side. She also cherishes quality time with her family and her faithful husky mix dog. As a proud member of the Peloton community, she knows the importance of maintaining a balanced life and the positive impact it can have on her professional work.