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Attorney Diaz has an exceptional success record representing and protecting clients in the immigration law field. Aside from his professional experience, Diaz is a world wanderer who has learned as much during his trips, as he has in the classroom. 


When he is not fighting in the courtroom, Diaz is most likely competing on the soccer field. Growing up, as a good Cuban kid does in Miami, he was introduced to baseball. However, when he was 5 years old, he lived next to a soccer field where he eventually joined the soccer league and fell in love. Not only did he get introduced to the game, but Diaz was also introduced to all Southeramerican cultures through the families he met. 

“I like soccer because it is beautiful to see what they can do with their feet,” says Diaz talking about his passion for soccer. “I love how it is impossible not to work together. It requires everyone’s hard work. Everyone has to be held accountable, and if you are having a bad day, you have to own up to it and stay back.” 

Playing in school, and in several leagues, Diaz has always devoted a lot of his free time to the sport. Recently, he led the Diaz & Gaeta soccer team to the championship during the Copa United Tournament 2021, benefiting the Latin American Association and Soccer In the Streets. The winning team was composed of some of the firm’s clients and friends. 


Aside from being a fun sport, soccer also opened Diaz’s eyes to the world. “My heroes were players from Spain, Africa, South America, all over the world. I felt a connection to those places I had never seen,” says Diaz.

Driven by his curiosity and love for the outdoors and nature, Diaz spent a lot of time hiking around the United States and South America, including Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Brazil, Peru, and Guatemala. He has hiked all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and scuba-dived the waters of Bali and Indonesia. 

His passion for traveling is enjoying what mother nature offers, and getting to know cultures around the world. 


Since before becoming an attorney, Diaz has worked with various nonprofit organizations in Atlanta that focus on providing resources and support to underserved communities. 

Diaz became an immigration attorney inspired by the Guatemalan community he met during his undergrad in Kennesaw. He helped do studies in the Guatemalan community and began his travels to the Southeramerican country to better understand and serve the Mayan community.  Diaz became an activist, joined marches, testified at city and county commission meetings, and decided to become an attorney to help his friends. 

Some of his work in the community also includes leading an after-school drug program for at-risk middle-school students in low-income families around Atlanta.

One of Diaz’s biggest passions is volunteering his time and experience providing information and helping the community understand immigration laws in the United States through nonprofit organizations in Atlanta. 


Diaz has a reputation in the industry for taking cases that have been turned down or lost by other attorneys due to their complexity. Diaz finds a way. He doesn’t give up. The challenges of his clients become very personal to him. 

“I want to leave a legacy. I want to help immigrants achieve the American Dream.” 


Diaz is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), which promotes continual learning and professional development for its members. 


Introduced into the legal field at a young age through his mom who worked at the district attorney’s office in Clayton County, Gaeta knew that he wanted to be an attorney by the time he was in high school. 

“I wanted justice for the victims,” says Gaeta, who has spent the last 10 years seeking justice for defendants throughout Georgia after serving as a prosecutor in Clayton County. 

Aside from his extensive experience working as a personal injury and criminal defense attorney, Gaeta also has ample experience on the dance floor.  


Despite spending some time practicing wrestling during high school, this was not the sport he practiced over the years.

During law school, dance became therapy for Gaeta. Falling in love with the feeling dancing and music gave him, Gaeta continued to work and get better at the art. Latin dancing has become a big part of him.

Combining his love for Latin dancing with his passion for traveling, Gaeta has traveled around the world attending dance conventions in different parts of the world, including Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, and Lebanon. 

For Gaeta, nothing beats Salsa music as the top choice to dance to, especially the rhythms by the iconic Mark Anthony. 


Before law school, Gaeta was awarded two scholarships and had the opportunity to study abroad in Argentina. During his time there, he traveled around South America and became fascinated with the ability to see and experience other cultures.


Since then, Gaeta has traveled to 23 countries. At the end of 2021, Gaeta will travel to London with his mother before closing the year with a trip to Dubai. 


Gaeta has always been active through nonprofit organizations. He has acted as a leader for various student organizations through his studies, including Latin Law Student Association and the Student Bar Association. His pro bono work, including with the Latin American Association, helps people fight injustices, and provide quality legal help to underserved communities. 


Gaeta believes that everyone deserves a second opportunity. He understands that one bad decision can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life, so he seeks to find the best outcome for his clients to give them a second chance at making things right. 

Gaeta has always strived to be a genuine person, and never compromise his beliefs for anything. 


Gaeta is an active member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys (AAPDA) and Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (GACDL) where he has tutored continuing legal education for other attorneys. He is barred in state courts around Georgia, in the Georgia Appeals Court, Supreme Court of Georgia, and Federal District Courts of North Georgia and Middle Georgia. 


The Diaz & Gaeta team is always looking for opportunities to serve the community. Our attorneys are open to participating with nonprofit and community organizations to help inform the community on subjects related to immigration, personal injury, and criminal law. 

Contact us if you need us to come to speak at your next community gathering, meeting, or event. Attorney Diaz and/or Attorney Gaeta are available to come to speak and offer free consultations around Georgia and surrounding states. 

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