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Auto Accidents

Represent people involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents in any part of the state of Georgia, including drivers and passengers. We get the highest compensation possible for damages caused to help get your life back on track.


Specialize in family-based immigration work and deportation defense. We help families from all over the world achieve their dream of attaining status in the United States.

Criminal Defense

Provide aggressive defense of all criminal matters representing people who have been accused or charged with crimes.

Personal Injury

Get maximum compensation for anyone who has suffered an unnecessary injury due to the recklessness and negligence of others.

Family Law

Provide legal services for those in need of a divorce, custody litigation, child support issues, and legitimization.

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About Diaz and Gaeta

We Are Passionate About Helping

Diaz & Gaeta Law is a fully bilingual firm where everyone is welcomed and treated with respect. We are committed to each case and each client’s needs. 

The diversification of the experience of our attorneys allows us to navigate complicated cases that require extensive knowledge in different branches of the law. We believe that everyone deserves exceptional legal representation at reasonable prices, and for that reason, we always offer a free initial consultation.  

As activists and sons of immigrants, Giovanni Diaz and Zach Gaeta built their law firm with the goal to serve the community and treat each client like family, with honesty, respect, and equality.


Our attorneys have experience in different fields of the law, and they work in synergy to tackle complicated and complex cases. We have won cases in every court in Atlanta.

Reasonable Prices

We are fair, honest, and transparent with our pricing. Every first consultation is free and directly with the attorney. We have your best interest in mind.

Track Record

We have a reputation for making the unthinkable happen. Our firm has taken and won cases that had been turned down by other attorneys. We always find a way to bring justice to your case.

We Have Helped Thousands Rebuild Their Future

Featured Practice Areas

Car Accidents

If you were injured in an auto accident, you might be entitled to compensation to help pay for medical costs, lost income, physical therapy, and other accident-related losses. Our Marietta car accident lawyers at Diaz & Gaeta can provide you with comprehensive legal service and assistance as we strive to maximize your compensation. Don’t struggle with your injuries or go through the insurance claims process on your own, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

Truck Accidents

Due to the massive size of tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks, accidents involving them often result in life altering injuries to people riding in passenger vehicles. To make the situation worse for the victims, trucking companies often have a large legal department that will do everything in their power to prevent the company from having to pay out large insurance settlements, even when they are warranted. Our team of truck accident attorneys in Marietta have experience fighting for the rights of the injured and a strong track record of getting results. If you have been injured in a truck accident, give us a call today to get the compensation you deserve.

Slip & Fall

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you should contact an attorney to see if you are entitled to compensation for the damages you suffered. But, because these cases can be challenging, it is often in your best interest to have a skilled Marietta slip and fall lawyer in your corner. The team of injury attorneys at Diaz & Gaeta has comprehensive experience handling, and winning these cases. Contact our office today to schedule your risk-free case evaluation

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another person or entity, you are likely feeling a wide range of emotions, from grief and sadness to anger. Not to mention, you may be saddled with household bills and expenses that you previously had a partner to help with. A wrongful death claim can allow you to obtain financial compensation while also holding the perpetrator accountable for their actions. Contact Diaz & Gaeta today to speak with a wrongful death lawyer in Marietta today!

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