5 Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident

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As a victim of an auto accident, you have the right to seek compensation to cover any damages that you might have suffered. The amount of the settlement you receive is not always in your control, but there are some common mistakes that victims make and jeopardize the claim.

If you are involved in a car accident, avoid the following most common mistakes:

Failing to Seek Medical Help

Immediately after an auto accident, the adrenaline and emotions around the traumatizing experience can make you feel as if you do not need medical help. For some people, it can be scary or feel unnecessary. However, it is important that you get checked out by a medical professional, and that you do not ignore any symptoms or problems even days after the accident. Not feeling pain does not always mean that you have not suffered injuries.

If you fail to seek medical help, your attorney cannot prove the damages you might have suffered from the car accident.

Posting on Social Media

Social media posts can jeopardize your car accident claim. Insurance companies look at every aspect of your life, to find any information that could prove that you have not suffered from the damages caused by the accident.

For example, if you post that you are at a social event, or working out after the accident, the insurance company can argue that the accident has not had an impact on your life, and this could negatively impact your possibilities to receive a fair settlement. Also, posting about the accident claiming that you are okay, can also drastically affect your claim.

Diaz & Gaeta Law recommends you refrain from posting on social media or making any claims that could later jeopardize your credibility.

Speaking to the Insurance Companies

Commonly, the insurance company of any other parties involved in the auto accident will contact you. It might seem like it is in good faith, but in reality, the insurance company often is trying to get you to make a statement that later could jeopardize the credibility of your case and the damages. Insurance companies can be very persistent, but do not give in. Do not give a statement until you have talked to a personal injury attorney.

Accepting the First Settlement Offer

After the accident, the insurance company of the party at fault might try to offer you an early settlement offer. They could make you feel like that is your only option, and you might be tempted to accept it, but in reality, this is a way for them to avoid having to pay a larger amount later.

It is important to wait and get a full understanding of the damages caused. Once you accept a settlement, you are no longer able to get compensated for any long-term damages that the accident might have caused. For example, you might find out later that you need more medical treatment. An experienced personal injury attorney can help assess the damages and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Many victims of a car accident decide to deal directly with the insurance companies on their own because they fear that hiring an attorney could be expensive. However, in most cases, a personal injury attorney does not charge their client anything upfront. If the lawyer wins the case, they get a small percentage of the compensation. No money is necessary upfront to hire an attorney in a personal injury case.

Lawyers are trained negotiators who know how to deal with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for you.

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