How Likely Are You to Get in a Car Accident in Georgia?

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Over 70 drivers get injured in a car accident every hour in Georgia, according to the most recent reports from 2020. That’s about 1,720 people per day, and 600,000 per year.

Georgia drivers are estimated to get in a car crash every ten years on average. Accidents are bound to happen.

Georgia Car Accidents

Some of the most important highways that connect the country cross through the state, such as Interstate-75 and Interstate-85, so it is no surprise that so many accidents occur.

In 2020, regardless of a COVID-19 shutdown and fewer people on the roads, the number of accidents increased from the previous year. The main factor is speeding. Fewer cars on the road, gave way for other drivers to find opportunities to speed, leading to an increase in fatal crashes. The number of people who died on Georgia state highways in 2020 reached 1,600.

Automotive Accident Statistics in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health reports that Georgia had the 4th greatest number of traffic fatalities in the nation in 2017, even though Georgia has the 8th largest population in the country.

That same year, motor vehicle traffic deaths were the leading cause of injury deaths for children and adults ages 5 – 24, and adults 55-64.

The following statistics are from the Georgia Department of Transportation Crash Analysis, Statistics, and Information Notebook regarding accidents in the state as a whole.

  • The highest risk roadways are two-way streets with no separation or barriers. 3 out of 4 fatal crashes happen on these streets and the majority are in Georgia rural counties.
  • Overturn and fixed object crashes pose the highest risk of injury or death to the vehicle occupants.
  • 1 out of 2 off-road fatal crashes happens on a curve.
  • 1 out of 4 fatal crashes happens in an intersection. More than half of the accidents occurred at intersections without any traffic control.
  • 61% of vehicles in fatal accidents at an intersection were struck at an angle. These occur when one vehicle is turning and struck from the side by another vehicle.
  • In 2006 alone, the number of injured children ages 5-9 would fill 128 classrooms. That number is even higher for children ages 10-14.

Top Counties in Georgia With Crash Fatalities

According to the latest report from 2019, the following are the top 10 counties with the highest number of crash fatalities in Georgia.

  1. Fulton County – 144 crash fatalities
  2. Dekalb County – 79 crash fatalities
  3. Cobb County – 67 crash fatalities
  4. Gwinnett County – 61 crash fatalities
  5. Clayton County – 51 crash fatalities
  6. Bibb County – 35 crash fatalities
  7. Chatham County – 30 crash fatalities
  8. Richmond County – 26 crash fatalities
  9. Carroll County – 25 crash fatalities
  10. Douglas County – 23 craash fatalities

Leading Causes of Fatal Accidents in Georgia

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported that in 2019, alcohol was the leading cause of traffic fatalities in the state, followed by speeding. In nearly 16% of all traffic fatalities, pedestrians were involved, and 11% were motorcyclists.

The majority of vehicles involved in fatal crashes were passenger cars, followed far behind by pickups and utility vehicles.

Have You Been in a Car Accident?

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