3 Things to Consider When Hiring an Attorney

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No one walks out of their house knowing that later on the day something unexpected will happen and they will find themselves in a situation where they would need legal help.
Could be an accident, a crime, deportation, a citation, anything!

Deciding to get a lawyer is a decision that gets to be made many times under pressure and in a state of desperation. You need help, and you need it now.

Most commonly, people go to their friends and family to ask for recommendations. Maybe they hear of someone who knows someone and then they become their first phone call. Others might remember the commercial they saw earlier that week or the billboard that they pass every day on their way to work. You remember and reach out for help.

During tragic situations and emergencies that involve the law, reaching out to an attorney is the smartest thing one can do. However, picking the right attorney can change the way things turn for you and your loved ones.

Here Are 3 Important Things to Consider When Looking to Hire an Attorney:

Unfortunately, when someone Hispanic is involved in a car accident and doesn’t speak English very well, the other driver is more likely to blame the Spanish-speaker for the said accident because they seek any reason not to be held financially responsible.

Liability depends on where the car accident was, whose fault it was, and the witnesses’ testimonies about the car accident. Witnesses are one of the most straightforward pieces of evidence that can help prove guilt in a crash.

At Diaz & Gaeta Law, we recommend taking the following steps and avoiding making critical mistakes after a car accident.

Do they speak your language?

Yes, many attorneys memorize a few phrases in other languages to make sure they connect with the community in small conversation, but what matters is if they can fluently communicate with you when it comes to your case. You will want to be able to understand everything and also feel understood. Culture is also incredibly important. Aligned values and cultures could make the perfect team to be assured that your attorney has your best interest.

Do they specialize in your specific kind of case?

There are different kinds of lawyers and many different specialties. You would never trust a veterinarian to take a look at your teeth. Then you shouldn’t trust an attorney who only has experience in a different field. Confirm that the attorney you hire has experience representing clients like you, and winning cases like yours.

How big is the law firm?

There are many big reputable law firms out there, and some of them do an excellent job. The problem with big law firms is that many times the client does not get actual one-on-one face time with the attorney they thought they were hiring. During their whole process, from the initial phone call, they are talking to paralegals, assistants, and other members of the team, except the attorney. You want to make sure that the attorney you hire is the attorney handling your case and having ongoing communication with you.

Hiring the right attorney can make a huge impact in your case, and your life. At Diaz & Gaeta Law we take the job very seriously.

We make it a priority to connect with our clients on a personal level and make sure we are always looking out for their best interests. Attorney Diaz and Attorney Gaeta touch every single case that comes through.

With the help of their tireless and defiant team, both attorneys collaborate to help clients with cases in the fields of personal injury, car accidents, immigration, and criminal defense. Our track record speaks for itself, and we are devoted to serving our community.